People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Simon Sinek keeps it simple. He urges you to work out your Why. “WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?”

You are reading this so I assume you care what is our WHY?

I know that the majority of communication to drivers by car brands is delivered by those tied up in history, admin, meetings, rigid structures and stale agency relationships. They are 100% reliant on historical data and therefore have lost all ability to come up with new, relevant ideas.

Meanwhile their drivers are part of a new world of communication, where ideas and content are the new commodities. Drivers get excited by cars of course – but they now desire content around those cars.

Not just reporting, not just spec sheets, but wide ranging, multi channel content. Films, pictures, blogs, tweets, stories, infographics and and and. They also want new ideas and not just new cars that they can get involved with, interact with and debate about. They want those ideas to reflect the reason they love cars and a particular brand. So everyone needs a why.

Think of the stuff you have loved in cars in the last year. Or the reason you fell in love with cars. It was either a person or an idea or a bit of both. For me it was the 6-wheeled Tyrell and several poor quality car films of the 70’s. For some it might be that famous red Lamborghini Countach poster. Movies and posters are now on YouTube and Instagram not BBC1 and bedroom walls. But the concept is the same.

There are hundreds of thousands of people working on ideas in car design and engineering. But we think not enough in generating ideas to show off those cars and their brands and the content to add richness to the cars and ideas. That’s why we are here. And we believe we are good at it. And we also will work passionately to keep being good at it for people that want us to. Indeed we will work with common sense, but uncommon effort.

So our WHY is
“New ideas and breakthrough content excite drivers about cars. We love cars and are passionate about creating the best ideas and content in the world that disrupt the status quo.”

….And to carry on the Sinek golden circles here is our How and What. What is yours?

HOW do we do that?
“Discover, Disrupt and Deliver using the most passionate, professional collaborators in the car world.”

WHAT do we actually do?
“Based on your WHY, we help you do crazy stuff and tell people about it.”